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Dhikala Forest Rest House
. Dhikala Forest Rest House is located in Dhikala Zone of Jim Corbett National Park which is first national park of India , Dhikala Forest Rest House was built in year 1937 in British period , Jim Corbett National Park was founded in year 1936 and named as Helly National Park , Later name was converted as Ram Ganga National Park and when Mr. Jim Corbett died at Kenya in year 1957 who had moved to Kenya after Independence of India, Park's name was changed as Jim Corbett National Park, Mr. Jim Corbett Was hunter and naturalist who used to stay at Bungalow at Chhoti Haldwani, Jim Corbett had killed many man eaters Tigers of Kumaun.

Jim Corbett National Park is spread in 521 Sq Kms area & divided in two district of Uttarakhand Nainital & Pauri, Entry gate ( Dhangarhi ) of Dhikala falls in Nainital district & Dhikala Forest Rest House falls in Pauri Garhwal District.
Dhikala Zone : Jim Corbett National Park is first national park of Asia and it has unique place known as Dhikala, All signboards and mile stone indicating distance of Jim Corbett National Park calculate Jim Corbett park's distance from Dhikala only , Dhikala Forest Rest House which is located 30 Kms inside of deep forest can be approached by Dhangarhi entry gate which is located on Ram Nagar Mohaan road , Corbett Museum is also located at Dhangarhi gate, Now private vehicle entry is restricted to Dhikala and is provided in special case , One has to hire
a gypsy from Ram Nagar to reach Dhikala agfter taking permit from Ram Nagar office. Ram Nagar to Dhikala journey takes 2 hrs time though distance is 50 Kms only , but briefing which is provided by forest officials at Dhagarhi entry gate takes some time. when you start your drive from Dhangarhi to Dhikala you start spotting wildlife in dense forest of Sal, On way you can see forest rest house Sultan , way of Gairal & khannauli and Sarpduli.
Dhikala is located on Banks of Ram Ganga river barrage and river bed of Ram Ganga has huge grasslands which is home of plenty of wild animals and birds , availability of water , grass is ideal situation for herbivore animals, and because of herbivores carnivore animals are also found hear. One can hear loud roars of wild elephants while sitting in rooms at Dhikala Forest Rest House.
Dhikala :Guidelines for Tourists Drivers & Nature guides
As per Honorable Supreme Court some guidelines has been given to Drivers / Nature Guides and Tourists
- Drivers and Nature Guide will wear Olive Green uniform
- Driver & Guide will wear Plastic id cards and will enter in park with registered tourists only
- Keeping Mobile Phone is restricted for drivers & guides and tourists can keep mobile phone switched off mode or in flight mode if using mobile as camera.
- Use of polythin is totally restricted inside of park , eco friendly waste bags are given at time of entry and it also promotes employment in local people
- In case of Tiger Sighting one has to see Tiger at distance of 20 Mtrs and stoppage time is 10 mins only , Only two gypsies can watch Tiger same time.
- Driving speed inside park is maximum 25 kms per hour
- Shouting is totally prohibited inside of park
- Pets are not allowed inside of park
- carrying firearms are not allowed
- walking or trekking is strictly prohibited in side Jim Corbett National Park
- Driving after sunset is not allowed
- Cooking is not allowed in Dhikala Forest Rest House
- Throwing garbage inside of national parks will attract severe penalties
- Playing any kind of music is not allowed inside of Dhikala or Corbett national park
- Blowing horns is not allowed in Dhikala
- Entry in restricted zones are closed for visitors
- Chasing , teasing or shouting on animals or trying to feed them is totally prohibited and will attract severe penalties
- Visitors are advised to occupy the accommodation on first day ( in case of 2 days booking ) otherwise booking will be treated cancelled if not informed in advance
- Maximum 2 adults and 2 children ( below 12 years) are allowed to stay in one room at Dhikala , one extra bed can be provided after paying prescribed charges
- Visitors are compulsorily required to obtain a clearance certificate before leaving Dhikala
- Visitors are advised to wear clothes of colors which merge with natural surroundings ( khaki , Olive Green or other dull colors )
- Last entry time from Dhangari gate to enter Dhikala is 4 P.M., Entry will not be allowed after 4 P.M. and booking will be cancelled and no refund will be provided
- Day visit to Dhikala is allowed by Conducted day tour as canter safari only
- Entry to Corbett Tiger reserve is on own risk of visitor , The Authorities shall not be responsible in any way for damages caused if any
- Non Vegetarian food and alcohol is strictly prohibited inside of Corbett Tiger Reserve
- Wildlife Warden in charge of the sanctuary or the park may , for good and sufficient reasons to be recorded in writing cancel the permit
- All visitors to the Corbett Tiger Reserve are governed by the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act and rules made there under Director Corbett Tiger Reserve

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